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Nutrition And Your Skin 

Nutrition plays a more significant role in the health of your skin than you might think. If your diet is optimal, both the macro and micronutrients you take in, work together to maintain your skin’s natural barrier, known as the phospholipid bilayer. Located in the epidermis, the barrier of your skin protects it from harmful compounds, and also provides a passageway for nutrients and waste products to both enter and exit the skin. A healthy skin barrier also holds onto more water, keeping your skin moisturized, which means less fine lines and wrinkles!  

Unfortunately, insults to the barrier of your skin, occur every day. Everything from poor nutritional habits, sun exposure and the use of harsh facial care products, to exposure to environmental pollutants, can ultimately compromise it. When your skin’s barrier has been stripped, you know it. Your skin will feel tight and dehydrated or could be inflamed or more sensitive. A compromised skin barrier will also show the visible signs of aging more prominently and is more susceptible to damage from oxidation and inflammation.

Want More Youthful Skin? Plump It Up With AstaMatrix®!

Unfortunately, aging also impacts the integrity of the barrier of your skin. As you age, the phospholipids of your skin cell membranes become thinner, and the barrier they form doesn't lock together and work quite as well. This means your skin has less ability to lock in moisture, which causes it to lose elasticity and can’t protect itself from the elements quite as well as it used to.

Harnessing the power of essential nutrients, like the omega-3 EPA & DHA and phospholipids in AstaMatrix®, is one of the best ways to restore a compromised skin barrier. It not only helps replace the intercellular lipids that have been depleted from aging and other factors, but the antioxidant duo of astaxanthin and delta-tocotrienol help protect your skin from oxidation and inflammation. A restored barrier will not only lock in moisture more efficiently but result in skin with a smoother texture and a healthy, more youthful appearance.

The Nutrients in AstaMatrix®Go Deep

The nutrients found in AstaMatrix®  are essential for skin to look its best because they don’t just work at your skin’s barrier in the epidermis but go just below it to repair and protect your skin at the level of the dermis as well. It is there, that the synergistic nutrient duo of astaxanthin and delta-tocotrienol continue their work alongside other complementary nutrients, to limit oxidative damage to collagen and modulate the skin’s inflammatory response.

As you can see the nutrients in AstaMatrix®  play multiple roles in the structure, function, and appearance of the skin, and can help you to improve a range of skin conditions, from acne to wrinkles!

The Synergistic Nutrients in AstaMatrix® Can Influence Your Skin Health By:

  • Restoring Skin’s Barrier Function  
  • Protecting Skin Against UVA-Induced Photoaging and Damage
  • Reducing Oxidative Stress in Skin Cells
  • Reversing the Appearance of the Visible Signs of Aging
  • Reducing Skin Irritation Through Anti-inflammatory Pathways
  • Preventing Skin Aging and Loss of Elasticity