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Brain Health

Feed Your Brain With AstaMatrix®!

Your brain is the command center for virtually everything you think and do. That makes this great piece of machinery your most important organ, while at the same time because it is susceptible to damage from increased levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, it is also your most vulnerable.

Factors such as diet, stress, aging, and exposure to environmental toxins can all contribute to increased levels of the pro-inflammatory chemicals and free radicals that cause damage to your brain’s precious cells. Over time this damage can result in cloudy thinking, premature or accelerated brain aging and an increased vulnerability to the development of neurodegenerative conditions later in life.

To prevent this from happening to you, you need to feed your brain the essential nutrients it needs, like the Omega-3 EPA & DHA, dietary phospholipids and powerful antioxidants in AstaMatrix®.

The Synergistic Nutrients in AstaMatrix® Can Influence Your Brain Health By:

  •       Supporting Normal Cognitive Function and Memory Across the Lifespan
  •       Preventing Accelerated Brain Aging
  •       Improving Memory and Cognitive Functioning
  •       Supporting Balanced Mood & General Well-Being

Want to Optimize Your Brain Potential? AstaMatrix® Does it in Three Steps!

Step 1: Nourish

AstaMatrix®nourishes your brain cells with the nutrients it needs, like Omega-3 EPA & DHA and dietary phospholipids. Together, these nutrients form the building blocks of your brain cells, promote the formation of new brain cells, help build cell membranes and even support their repair. Omega-3 EPA & DHA and phospholipids also work to increase cell membrane fluidity. This is key because the more fluid your cell membranes are, the better your cells function and communicate with one other, which can influence cognition, memory, mood and the maintenance of normal brain functioning. It’s no wonder people with higher levels of Omega-3s in their bodies have significantly larger more functional brains!

Step 2: Replenish  

As you age, the levels of the essential nutrients your brain needs to function at its best can decline. In fact, nutrients such as omega-3s and antioxidants are so vital to brain functioning it is believed that deficiencies in them may contribute to the development of age-related cognitive decline, dementia, and mood disorders. Luckily, many of the decreases in brain function that have been linked to essential nutrient deficiencies can be reduced by replenishing your fatty acid and antioxidant stores daily with the high-quality nutrients in AstaMatrix®.  AstaMatrix®works by replenishing your brain with omega-3 EPA & DHA, dietary phospholipids, astaxanthin & delta-tocotrienol it needs to ensure your brain continues to function like the well-oiled machine it was designed to be, no matter how old you are!

Step 3: Protect

With powerhouse antioxidants like astaxanthin & delta-tocotrienol, working alongside omega-3 EPA & DHA,  AstaMatrix® protects your brain in multiple ways! While omega-3 EPA & DHA help to nourish and replenish your brain cells, their powerful anti-inflammatory properties join forces with astaxanthin and delta-tocotrienol to protect your newly replenished cells from the pro-inflammatory chemicals and free radicals that cause damage to your brain cells and can undermine their structural and functional integrity. Together these neuroprotective nutrients help break the cycle of brain cell damage!