Vegan Omega-3 Supplement With Phospholipids and Antioxidants


Why Choose Marine Sourced Omega-3s?

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The Inflammation - Oxidation Connection

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Achieve Optimal Health With Nutrient Synergy!

What does optimal health look like to you? Maybe it’s being able to dance longer with friends, play with your grandchildren pain-free, or conquer a run on the beach. Perhaps it’s simply waking up feeling like your best self and ready to tackle your day with energy and vigor, regardless of what life throws your way. Whatever your vision of optimal health may be, through the power of nutrient synergy, AstaMatrix® can help you achieve it, with just two softgels a day!

When you eat whole foods, mother nature doesn’t deliver isolated nutrients to you, so neither does AstaMatrix®. Based on the science of nutrient synergy, the plant-based nutrients in AstaMatrix® interact with one another in positive ways and boost the effectiveness and absorbency of one another. In order for you to get the most out of AstaMatrix® the Omega-3 EPA and DHA in are formulated as part of a complex nutrient matrix that also contains botanically based phospholipids, antioxidants, and our omega super blend. The result is a whole more powerful than the sum of its parts, just as mother nature intended.

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All Natural Ingredients

AstaMatrix Omega 3 EPA DHA

Omega 3 EPA & DHA

Stop fishing around for your omega-3s and go plant-based today! By going straight to the original source of marine omega-3s, you’ll be getting them from the same place fish do! Find out why plant-sourced Omega-3s are the better choice for your health!



Sunflowers having amazing nutritional properties, including that they contain essential phospholipids! Phospholipids help protect and nourish your cells, and they also increase the absorbability of the nutrients found in AstaMatrix® exponentially! 



Astaxanthin is not just a nutrient with a pretty color, it’s one of the most coveted antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients on earth. The 4mg of astaxanthin in AstaMatrix® are capable of providing you with countless health benefits. Find out how!

AstaMatrix Delta Tocotrienol


Move over alpha-tocopherol, the new face of vitamin E is delta-tocotrienol! Sourced from annatto, this special form of vitamin E is more absorbable and more powerful than its cousins! 

Omega Super Blend

Omega Super Blend

A full complement of Omega’s is better than one. That’s why AstaMatrix® contains an Omega Super Blend that is sourced from pomegranate, moringa and sea buckthorn berries. 

Proprietary Botanical Sysytem

Proprietary Botanical Stability System

If something stinks in your supplement cabinet, it’s not AstaMatrix®. That’s because our botanical stability system, sourced from D-limonene, coconut oil and rosemary extracts protects AstaMatrix® from oxidation, which keeps it as potent and pure as when it was bottled!


I truly believe the quality of AstaMatrix is second to none and unlike other treatments and supplements I’ve tried in the past, it does what it claims!  I wanted to let you know, that I have already begun recommending this product to family and friends, whether they are dealing with specific health issues, or just looking for a great plant-based Omega-3 product. Thanks for creating a great product,that has impacted my life in so many ways!

Please tell your potential clients that if they are out there and have diabetes, arthritis, or even heart issues, they may want to consider using AstaMatrix, because I've tried it and I know it works. I am a believer! Thanks again for creating a wonderful product!

Loving this product. It meets all the quality criteria for a good omega-3 product, yet it’s not sourced from fish. I am a devout vegan, and absolutely will not take anything sourced from fish! As a vegan, I’ve constantly struggled to get enough quality Omega-3’s in my diet, and when you’re in your early seventies and highly active like me, I know getting enough Omega-3’s is very important ! In that respect, this product has answered my prayers! I’ve been taking AstaMatrix for several months and can definitively say that I feel an extra pep in my step, and a sense of increased wellbeing. I would highly recommend it not just to my vegan or older friends, but to all my friends.

My husband takes this every day. We have been married for over 20 years now, and since he started taking this he has noticed a remarkable decrease in his chronic joint pain. No joke! This guy is back to running at 47 years old. Additionally, this supplement accompanied his change to clean eating and subsequent weight loss; his cholesterol levels now look like those of the poster child for optimum health. The fact that AstaMatrix is sourced from algae is HUGE, because he HATES fish. I can’t say enough great things about this product!

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