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Maria Dominguez, Ph.D

Meet Our Expert, Dr. Maria!

Maria Dominguez, PhDDr. Maria Dominguez is a professor, research scientist, published scientific and medical writer, and fitness instructor,  who has been educating and motivating people for nearly a decade.

Dr. Dominguez spent the majority of her life growing up in the Northeast and came to Florida 15 years ago to peruse her educational goals. Since then she has graduated with honors with a B.A in Honors Psychology, an M.A. in Experimental Psychology, a graduate certificate in Neuroscience, and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience. 

The majority of her graduate studies involved investigating the inner-workings of stress physiology, and the nutritionally-based prevention of biological aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Now, as an engaging professor and lecturer, she consistently delivers high-quality instruction to her students and vehemently encourages them to achieve greatness. 

As a scientific and medical writer, Dr. Dominguez has spent more than five years developing written and multimedia projects on microalgae, biomedical research, health and wellness, and nutraceuticals. Her creative, outside-the-box thinking engages readers in the scientifically dense material they might normally shy away from. Her ultimate goal with her writing is to reach and educate as many people as possible, so they may make informed nutritional choices and lead healthier lives. 

In 2013, her passion for nutrition and health and wellness, lead Dr. Dominguez to become a certified indoor cycling instructor. She currently leads challenging and empowering classes at one of the most successful premier boutique indoor cycling studios in the world. 

Personally, Dr. Dominguez is a health foodie and follows a strict, nutrient dense, whole-food diet that is free of gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar. Maria’s scientific background, nutritional knowledge, and employment in the fitness industry have given her a unique and integrated perspective of the world, which she loves sharing with her students, clients, and readers!