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Protect Your Eyes From Digital Fatigue With Astaxanthin

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As if we weren't already heavily reliant on our digital devices for so much, managing the social impacts of this worldwide pandemic has led to an exponential increase in screen time for many people. For some of us, our computers, tablets, and phones not only provide the "face to face" contact with the friends, family, and coworkers we crave but are a source of much-needed entertainment during these unprecedented times. Sound familiar?

Boost Your Immune System With Astaxanthin

While keeping your immune system optimally functioning should always be a top priority, during these unprecedented times boosting your immune system is now more critical than ever. Your immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that help protect you from infiltrating pathogens and fight off those that manage to enter. Like anything, it functions at its best when you intake vital essential nutrients that help support, balance, and strengthen it. A nutrient that can help you to achieve all of those is the super antioxidant, astaxanthin. In fact, 28 pre-clinical and five human clinical trials support that natural astaxanthin can modulate immune system functioning. 

How These 5 Plant-Based Nootropics Can Start Boosting Your Brainpower Right Now!

How These 5 Plant-Based Nootropics Can Start Boosting Your Brainpower Right Now!
If you are like most people, your fast-paced lifestyle has forced you to give up more nutritious foods for more convenient ones. Unfortunately, the ‘staples’ of the modern Western diet, include highly processed and refined foods packed with added sugars and other food additives, while being devoid of the essential nutrients you need to maintain optimal health and wellness.