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Nutrient Synergy: Because Two or Three Nutrients is Better Than One

What is Nutrient Synergy?

If you picture your favorite dynamic duo or trio, you’d quickly come to find that the reason they are so beloved, is not necessarily because of what characteristics each piece brings to the group, but rather, the dynamic between them. Think about peas without carrots, peanut butter without jelly, or if Larry and Moe were missing Curly. It just wouldn’t be the same, now would it?

Just as some duos and trios are more effective when they work in concert with one another, so are some nutrients. This can be because one nutrient helps with the absorption of another, or because they provide similar health benefits through different, but complementary cellular pathways. In nutritional science, this phenomenon is known as nutrient synergy and the basis of how AstaMatrix® was formulated.

Nutrient synergy also helps us understand why many clinical studies on supplements of large doses of isolated nutrients, have null or inconsistent results. These types of nutrients, are missing their partners, and are just less effective, regardless of dose. In some cases taking too much of one nutrient can even be harmful because it can throw the balance of other essential nutrients in your body off! In many cases, when it comes to attaining health benefits from nutrients, less really IS more and balance is everything!

Understanding Nutrient Interactions

The positive health benefits you are ultimately able to achieve from taking an Omega-3 supplement has as much to do with what nutrients that supplement contains and where it was sourced, as it does with how the nutrients it contains interact with one another and your body!

Unfortunately, some supplements contain seemingly random blends of nutrients and are formulated with little thought given to how the nutrients will interact. This poses a problem because not all nutrients duos and trios work synergistically together. In fact, some interact antagonistically, and actually, oppose the absorbency and effectiveness of the other! If you want the most out of an Omega-3 supplement, you need one formulated with a full complement of supportive synergistic nutrients, like AstaMatrix®!

The AstaMatrix® Difference

At BioScience Formulators, we know that formulating supplements with the right combination of nutrients is everything! So when creating AstaMatrix®  we looked toward nature for inspiration and science for confirmation that the nutrient combinations in AstaMatrix®  synergistically interact in ways that support your optimal health!

Some of our complimentary nutrient duos and trios include:

  • Dietary Phospholipids Increase the Absorbency of Omega-3 EPA & DHA for Maximum Absorbency
  • Omega-3s Boost the Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Astaxanthin and Increase its Absorption  
  • Dietary Phospholipids Increase the Absorption of and Work Synergistically with, Astaxanthin & Delta-Tocotrienol
  • Astaxanthin & Delta-Tocotrienol Interact to Form a Dynamic Antioxidant Pair
  • Omega Super Blend B-Complex Vitamins Increase the Absorbency and Effectiveness of Omega-3 EPA & DHA