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Please read what others are saying about the benefits of taking AstaMatrix®!

Testimonial from Bruce V. 

Dear BioScience Formulators,

Bruce, here. I am just writing to let you know how much taking AstaMatrix® over the past three months has changed my life! For the past year, I have been in remission from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after battling it for 13 years. While I am grateful to be in remission, I have been left with the challenge of managing the lasting side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I still take frequent trips to the hospital for dialysis, as my cancer treatments caused lasting damage to my kidneys. In fact, my doctors told me at one point that I had a 50% risk of renal failure.

In an effort to improve my overall health, I turned to many types of supplements and medications. Most were steroids, probiotic, or antibiotic based, and none of them seemed to be working. One of my business partners suggested taking AstaMatrix® because he loved it and believed that the powerful combination of Omega-3s, antioxidants, and phospholipids it contains could help my body repair itself, and give my immune system a boost. So, I thought, “Why not give it a try?”.

After my first month of using AstaMatrix®, I could feel a difference. Now I’m on my third month and I believe it's still working very well. I’m feeling better than I have in a long time, and I’ve had my dialysis treatment just once in the last three months when normally I’m in there every other week. I’m taking that as a positive sign that my overall health has gotten a lot better! I’ve even noticed a difference in the pliability and suppleness of my skin!

I truly believe the quality of AstaMatrix® is second to none and unlike other treatments and supplements I’ve tried in the past, it does what it claims!  I wanted to let you know, that I have already begun recommending this product to family and friends, whether they are dealing with specific health issues, or just looking for a great plant-based Omega-3 product. Thanks for creating a great product, that has impacted my life in so many ways!


Testimonial from Larry J.

I just wanted to tell you how fabulous I think your product, AstaMatrix®, is! I am in my 60’s and have suffered from diabetes for 18 years and osteoarthritis in my knuckles for about 10 years. To improve my health, I was on some supplements prior to starting Astamatrix, but I wasn't getting any satisfaction from using them. Basically, I felt like I was just throwing my money away.

After reading up on Omega-3’s and discovering that they not only help with joint pain and stiffness but play different roles in reducing blood sugar, I decided to give an Omega-3 supplement a try. I decided on AstaMatrix® specifically because the testimonials I was hearing about it were from people I knew and trusted, not from infomercials. Once I became more familiar with all the other nutrients also in AstaMatrix®, I was really amazed that you had really perfected a wonderful combination of ingredients! It was clear that you didn’t just throw a bunch of ingredients into a pill, which I feel other supplement companies sometimes do.

After several weeks of faithfully taking my soft gels daily, I noticed less pain and stiffness in my hands, a difference in my skin, and increased energy. As far as my blood sugar, well, while I have taken insulin daily to treat my diabetes and still currently do, my A1C levels over the past several months are looking great! While I can’t say for sure that these improvements are all because of AstaMatrix®, I know that I haven't made any other lifestyle changes in the months I have been taking it, so AstaMatrix® has seemed to benefit my health in many ways!

Please tell your potential clients that if they are out there and have diabetes, arthritis, or even heart issues, they may want to consider using AstaMatrix®, because I've tried it and I know it works. I am a believer! Thanks again for creating a wonderful product!

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